Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! Are you now dreading the wedding planning to come? This blog post is here to show you how to get an incredible wedding reception in the simplest way with so little for you to do. Read on to find out more…

WEDDING PLANNING: The Point of a Reception

You’ll hear all kinds of stories and ideas about all of the beautiful parts of a wedding reception. You can go crazy with attention to detail and personalise everything from the napkins to the table names and even the pen to sign the wedding congratulations book. You could spend a LOT of time on your wedding planning and have something amazing at the end of it – if you haven’t driven yourself mad by that point. Just spend five minutes thinking about the point of your wedding reception. First and foremost it’s a celebration: a time for everyone to let their hair down and congratulate the newlyweds. A personalised napkin won’t make an awful lot of difference to the main point of your reception so if you don’t want all of those added extras – don’t have them.

WEDDING PLANNING: Good Food and Drinks

So we’ve established that everyone really wants a good party. As experts in throwing parties we know that good food and plenty of drinks are high on the list of must-haves for a great party. Choose somewhere which can give you both. You’ll want good food that will feel worth the money your paying but not bankrupt you in the process. A great selection of drinks and a supplier that knows what wine works with your food choice is all that you need here. The rest will follow naturally.


Along with good food and the right drinks comes music. Will your guests want to dance the night away as you all celebrate together? If so then choose a venue that can help you with some great music. That might be a DJ, a live band or maybe you just want some great music playing in the background as you all eat together. Whatever you want – music always adds to the feeling of the day.


The scene is now set and there really is only one other essential thing to make your easy wedding reception run smoothly. You need the venue and wedding coordinator to be incredibly reliable. This is of upmost importance so that everything runs smoothly for you. If you pick a venue with a great team and a brilliant person at the helm then your wedding reception is almost certainly going to be amazing. They’ll do everything for you and your guests will enjoy every moment.



So now you know that a brilliant wedding reception only needs great food, drink, brilliant music and someone fantastic to run it all for you. You can get all that any anything else you want to add simply by picking a fantastic venue with the right team. That really is all there is to planning the simplest of wedding receptions.