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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Stuck for what to use for each of these traditions? Don’t worry as there are plenty of things that you can do and we’ve rounded up some of our favourites to give you some inspiration.


If you’re desire for something traditional on your wedding day leads you to be looking for something old then you have the perfect excuse to add some extra sentimental value to your outfit. The ‘something old’ gives you plenty of scope to tie-in something special or meaningful into your wedding day. Many brides will choose a family heirloom like their grandmothers ring or a veil used in previous generations. You could opt for a vintage hair pin or use a button from an old button box. Whatever you choose as ‘something old’ make sure that it’s got a nice story attached and tell people all about it during your wedding reception party.


Probably the easiest of them all: there aren’t many brides that walk down the aisle without anything new! Your ‘something new’ could be anything from your dress to your shoes, your hair-do to your jewellery and really can be anything that you like. If you’ve opted for a vintage wedding with nothing new at all then perhaps the item is simply new to you.

WEDDING TRADITIONS: Something Borrowed

Make a list of some of the things that your nearest and dearest own and you just happen to love. Are any of those things appropriate to ‘borrow’ for your wedding day? That’s where you can start for this one. It might be a special item of jewellery or the tiara that your sister used for her wedding day. Or maybe you’re borrowing some ribbon from your Mum to use as pretty shoe laces for your unconventional wedding shoes – after all you want to dance lots at your wedding party.


If you’ve chose blue in your wedding colours then great – this one is easy. Add some blue into your floral bouquet, your jewellery or your hair accessories. But what if you don’t want blue in your main colour scheme? We’ve all heard of the blue garter and, of course, that can be a fun way to get your ‘something blue’ in but what else could you do? A really lovely touch is to have a blue button sewn into the underneath of your dress. If your dress is a bespoke piece or is being altered to fit perfectly then this should be simple enough to ask for. You could add some blue into your wedding lingerie yet still keep a pretty design or you could paint a light blue glitter over your toe nails which you can choose to hide with your shoes if you wish. Think outside the box a little and you’ll find plenty of ways to get your blue in there and stick with wedding traditions.

So there you have some ideas for something old, new, borrowed and blue which can help you with your wedding traditions. Don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong with doubling up. For example: there’s no reason that your Granny’s old blue sapphire necklace can’t be something old, borrowed and blue!


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