Weird and wonderful university degrees

With the end of exams in sight and graduation on the horizon, we decided to have a look at what weird and wonderful courses there are these days. We weren’t disappointed:

5: Pizza


We thought we loved pizza here at Racks, but apparently some people love it so much that they want a degree in it. The course is courtesy of Pizza Hut and we’re guessing there’s some pretty tasty course work involved.

4: Surfing


Surf science and technology to be exact – and we are convinced this is the coolest degree on the list. Digging a little deeper it’s actually a very in depth degree covering everything from the culture of surf to the geographical influences on wave size. And at the very least, a real conversation starter.

3: Pokemon


The Pokemon Go phenomenon came and went pretty quickly for most people, but not everyone.. At Salford University, you can do a degree in Pokemon if you so wish, learning about the mechanics of the game and ‘Pokebusiness Opportunities’

2: Wine


Pop Quiz, what is Viticulture? Viticulture is the study of grapes! And forms part of the complex Wine course at Plumpton, which promises undergrads an in depth understanding of the multifaceted world of wine!

1: Beer


This is definitely more wonderful than weird, at Heriot Watt university you can study Beer. Or, more specifically Brewing and Distilling. And you leave at the end with a Bachelor of Science degree, proving there’s more to beer than first meets the eye.

If you’re currently studying remember we have a great range of student offers and of course if you’ve made it to the end and are graduating this year why not drop in for a bite to eat here at Racks, book a table and if 4 of you have a main course we will throw in a bottle of prosecco!

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