Hog Roasts in Bristol

Mention the words ‘hog’ and ‘roast’ and you’re sure to send everyone into an excited frenzy. The great British summer takes people out from the dining room and into the fresh air to eat, drink and get social time and time again. Eating al-fresco has a certain something to it which brings a smile to most but there’s just something about a hog roast that drives people extra wild, what is it?

The hog roast is a familiar scene here on the heated sun terrace and our suppliers at Bristol Hog Roast get up close and personal with the events time and time again. If anyone knows just what that something is then it’s got to be them, right? We asked Philip from Bristol Hog Roast to let us into the secret and unravel exactly what it is that people love about the brilliant hog roast. This is what he had to say:

“We have done hundreds of Hog Roasts over the years and I find that there are two main things that everybody likes:


Firstly the smell! We (as indeed you) always cook from fresh on the day, so for around 8 hours you get that aroma of pork being slowly cooked on the spit. I have found that this can drive some people wild with anticipation!


The second thing is the crackling! I find that most people would dispense with the rest of the food on offer for a large portion of crunchy crackling.


There are lots of other things that go with a good Hog Roast, like juicy, well cooked meat and the ‘theatre’ of lifting the pig out of the cooking position into the carving position but overall the first two seem [to be] the best to most people.”


That’s it! Philip has hit the nail on the head there. Of course a hog roast brings all the benefits of socialisation, al-fresco dining and more but that smell just grabs people and the crackling…say no more!


If you’d like to find out more about hog roasts at Racks then just visit our summer party page on the website or get in touch. In the meantime, let us know what it is that you like about a great hog-roast, is it the smell, the crackling or something else?